MET Seminar


Joining the insights emerging from both the Homo Mimeticus (HOM, 2016-2022) and the Gendered Mimesis (GM 2021-) sibling projects, the Metamorphoses (MET) Seminar aims to further the embodied, affective, plastic, and relationally-inclined dispositions of human and nonhuman others from a multiplicity of gendered, racial, sexual, human, posthuman, and nonhuman trans-disciplinary perspectives. Our general goal is to further new mimetic studies in view of promoting life-affirmative metamorphoses in the fast-changing age of the Anthropocene. 

The seminar is open to all students (3rd year BA, MA, PhD), postdocs, and faculty members. Drawing on emerging figures in continental philosophy, feminism, literary theory, and the social sciences, the seminar proposes to take short excerpts of texts on the plural facets of metamorphoses as a starting point for discussion. Participants are welcome to sign up for short (ca 20 min) introductory presentations of authors / texts / problems that fall within their areas of specialization and/or interest. We will consider inviting speakers from other faculties and universities as well.