HOMO MIMETICUS: Book launch & Conclusion

Philosophy & the World Out There: (New) Fascism & the Mimetic Unconscious (N. Lawtoo)

Book Launch of (New) Fascism with Wojciech Kaftanski, Husserl Archives, Institute of Philosophy, KU Leuven, October 2019.

Nidesh Lawtoo discusses (New) Fascism in the context of the pandemic crisis in a Podcast for MSU Press (May 2020).

In (New) Fascism, Dr. Lawtoo discusses the new forms of fascism haunting our contemporary political scene. He reads this new style of fascism and crowd psychology through the lens of mimetic theory and traces the genealogy of (new) fascism back to the three related mimetic concepts of contagion, community, and myth. These concepts were once central to the spread of fascism in Europe and are now proving central to the rise of new fascisms as well. Today we’re here to discuss the phenomenon of (new) fascism, what collision of narcissism and the madness of crowds brought us to this moment, and where we’re heading in the wake of an oppressive global pandemic. Listen to podcast here.

Nidesh Lawtoo Raymund-Schwager Lecture, “The Patho-logies of Exclusion” (COV&R, Innsbruck, June 2019)

Jean-Luc Nancy interviewed by Veto during his participation in HOM Workshop (KU Leuven, December 2018)

Jean-Luc Nancy, Lecture for Arts, KU Leuven (December 2018)

Nidesh Lawtoo, Presentation of Il Fantasma dell’io, November 2017, (Circolo di Soazza, Switzerland)


Jean-Luc Nancy’s Interview, Veto (December 2018)


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